University admissions policy

The basic principle of the university’s undergraduate program, established complying with education principles set forth in the Fundamental Law of Education and School Education Act, focuses on the fostering of professionals with advanced knowledge and a sense of humanity capable of serving as leaders in their respective fields.
Since establishment, we have consistently pursued the most important issue of mankind, which is health and welfare, as our core research proposition. Unlike other universities that expand their academic fields, we have maintained our foothold in this specific and pure field. The people that health and welfare works target are those in need of assistance in one way or another, and the happiness of people and the creation of communities that are comfortable for all.
This means that individuals who work as professionals or leaders in these fields must not only have advanced knowledge but also warm personalities and a sense of humanity that will win the trust and respect of others. These are the basic conditions required to become professionals in these fields.
Based on this fundamental thinking, the University seeks applicants who aim not only at professional knowledge and certifications, but those who wish to cultivate their sense of humanity and strong will to actively contribute to society. We accept students with the ambition to share our founding spirit of “Asunaro (A positive attitude promoting achievement of aspirations),” and who will walk with us on the path to happiness for all people and create a pleasant society for all people.
In compliance with the university’s educational principles and objectives, we will apply appropriate methods for the selection of applicants suitable for each faculty, and make fair screening of applicants through a multi-faceted and comprehensive evaluation of their capacity and aptitude to select the most suitable candidates for college education.

Faculties and Departments